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Get a personalised quote for Military Kit Insurance today to cover your possessions wherever you are in the world. We have partnered with Absolute Military Insurance so you can get the best rates and no claims bonus too. Simply click on 'Get a Quote' below to start your enquiry and get cover today!

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Do I Actually Need Military Kit Insurance?

Yes, having military kit insurance is essential because your kit goes everywhere that you do and can be costly to replace and stop you from being able to do your job properly – not to mention look bad in front of the other squaddies.

As a member of the armed forces, you are responsible for any damage to your kit or any loss of possessions too.

At Forces Compare, we have partnered with Absolute Military to help you get the best kit cover possible, including uniforms and equipment that is owned by you or used on a permanent or temporary basis. Plus, you have the option to add personal possessions such as mobile phone and bicycles and home contents too for any damage to your home or living quarters under the MoD.

By completing our online form, you can get a free and personalised quote and you can be covered within 24 hours.

What is Covered in Your Military Kit Insurance?

  • Military kit
  • Uniforms
  • Mobile phone
  • Permanent and temporary kit
  • Other belongings ie. laptop, tablets, bikes
  • Personal money and credit cards
  • Medals and Decorations
  • Downloaded information
  • Household contents
  • Legal expenses
  • Identity theft
  • Personal liability cover
  • Tenants liability to damage living in MoD quarters
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How Much Does Military Kit Insurance Cost?

We offer from three levels of military kit cover with prices starting from £9.00 per month.

Our partners at Absolute Military Insurance will be able to provide you with Kit Insurance that gives you a number of options depending on your circumstances and you can choose a level of cover that suits your need. As well as covering your Kit, you can insure your gadgets and protect against accidental damage in your accommodation and upgrade to include your home and contents cover too.

Every customer receives a personalised quote and we aim to help you save money wherever we possibly can – with a no claims discounts bonus available too giving you a huge discount if you have avoided making a claim in recent years.

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What Are The Types of Military Kit Insurance?


Up to £6000 of Military Kit covered to match your needs.


Protect your watch , laptop with up to £1500 per item as standard.


£20,000 cover included as standard.


Choose up to £50,000 of cover.

What is Not Covered by Military Kit Insurance Policies?

Your policy will not cover any loss or damages to your kit and equipment as a result of war or terrorism, wear and tear or anything deliberately and intentionally caused by your.

However, our claims process is relatively straightforward and will always try to act in your favour where possible.

Why Should I Apply with Forces Compare?

Our founders have served in the military for over a decade and they appreciate first-hand how difficult and expensive it can be to get good quality cover. Force Compare was set up for that exact reason. Today, we are delighted to have helped thousands and thousands of squaddies and civvies and can provide competitive quotes for military kit and everything else that comes with it.

Our entire process is completely free to apply and it is all online – so you can get a quick response and be covered in no-time. With Absolute Military, our quality partners, there are lots of additional things that can be included in your cover including personal belongings, contents and home insurance. Plus you can use a no claims discount and make a huge saving on your policy.

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