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Forces Compare offers personalised car insurance quotes for people in the armed forces and serving military. Get a free quote using our form below.

Fast, Personalised Cover Fit for the Military Lifestyle.

Military Car Insurance is a specialist area.  While motor insurance is not complicated sourcing cover from providers who do not understand your requirements can be tricky.  As a product that is required by law it’s important to ensure you have adequate cover and not settle for the cheapest deal. Most of the UK’s leading providers have exclusions such as an “airside” or “quayside” exclusion which states any area where aircraft can land is deemed “airside” and cover is excluded. Many MoD bases, particularly RAF ones, have these areas in order to land and house various aircraft.  

Also, to claim back JPA on mileage claims you need business cover something you shouldn’t have to pay extra for. If you’re away on operations again you shouldn’t have to pay a full premium if your vehicle is not being used. Forces Solutions recognises all of these challenges and has created a military car insurance policy which solves all the challenges that price comparison sites can’t handle.

From time to time serving personnel face unusual circumstances such as returning from an overseas posting with “foreign no-claims bonus” or they return with a LHD drive or even get married overseas with a spouse with a foreign license. With military car insurance, all such circumstances are catered for.


You can find great deals on car insurance for military personnel through our partner Forces Solutions Limited.  A specialist motor insurance broker with over 20 years of experience serving the forces both in the UK and overseas.

If you serve, finding the right motor insurance can be tricky.  Most insurance providers, especially online ones, are not geared to cater for those with unique needs. To ensure you have the right cover, you’re best speaking to specialists in this area.

Forces Solutions was set up to cater for such needs, as they are the UK’s only broker who is dedicated to providing motor insurance to those who are based in the UK, BFG and SHAPE, including any MoD civil servants, reservists or veterans including their families. Forces Solutions can offer excellent deals on insurance for military and armed forces members. Simply fill in the online form above to start your search. 


What is Military Car Insurance?

Military car insurance is a type of motor insurance for military serving personnel, accommodating to their unique circumstances in a way generic providers cannot.

Many who serve have faced difficulty in finding policies that cater to the demands of their job. Military car insurance takes into account these forces-specific situations and creates policies that better suit this distinctive way of life.

Thanks to our trusted partners, those in the armed forces can now find better deals on their car insurance. To find out more on other types of forces-orientated insurance options, please visit our compare insurance page.


What is Included in Military Car Insurance From Forces Compare?

Forces Compare has partnered up with Forces Solutions to offer army car insurance, accommodating to the unique requirements of those in the armed forces.

Our offers on car insurance provide benefits many of the mainstream insurers don’t, aiming to make it easier for serving members to find car insurance tailored to their forces-orientated lifestyles. Below are some of the fantastic features that come with this type of car insurance:


Cover for Airside and On Base

The armed forces car insurance we can offer policyholders includes full cover when on a military base. It’s unfortunately common for insurers to restrict cover when in areas classified as “Airside”, a term that can be applied to many military bases. Not only can our partner’s insurance offer full coverage in these commonly restricted areas, but they can also come with discounts when living “behind the wire”.


Cover When Laid Up

Your cover can be reduced to just a fraction of its normal daily premium if you’re deployed and able to take your vehicle off the road during this time. If and when this occurs, your insurance can be reduced to only cover accidental damage, fire and theft or just fire and theft. This will be subject to terms and conditions.


Foreign No Claims Discounts Accepted 

Many who serve struggle to find insurers who will take their proof of no-claims discount when this is acquired outside of the UK. Through Forces Compare, you can find cover that accepts no-claims discounts earned overseas. Our partner Forces Solutions accepts proof of no-claims discounts from any and all locations.


Cover Across Europe

Our partner can provide you with 24/7 cover across Europe, perfect for those coming back to the UK after their deployment has ended. For those deployed either at SHAPE or BFG, you’ll be able to get cover compatible with the requirements for SHAPE, DVLA and BFG VLO simply and easily.


How to Apply for Military Car Insurance With Forces Compare

Simply fill your details into the form at the top of the page to get a quote on army car insurance. When applying, we’ll need to collect a few details from you, including the following:

  • Your name.
  • Your address.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Contact details – for example email address and telephone number.
  • Branch of services.
  • Your rank.
  • Details about your driving licence.

Complete the form above to start the application process for armed forces car insurance.


Why Buy Military Car Insurance From Forces Compare?

Forces Compare are different from other mainstream comparison sites. We offer cover that accommodates properly for the unique demands of those who serve in the armed forces. We’re a service ran by veterans who understand first-hand the lifestyle that comes with a career in the armed forces. To that end, we also understand how challenging it can be to get cover that properly fits this lifestyle, and so have made it our mission to make this easier to obtain.

Our partner Forces Solutions also have a team specially trained in understanding the insurance needs of those in the armed forces, and together we’ll help you to get the insurance you need at a price that’s right for you.